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May 3, 2015

60″ TV on the ceiling

To use your chromecast without a television? All you need is a mini LED projector with HDMI input (you can get it at US$60 or less), and a metal book stand (Yes, metal book stand, and this might be the best thing you ever do with a metal book stand, to stand a projector ^_^)

Chromecast, mini LED projector, metal book stand Chromecast, mini LED projector, metal book stand

And enjoy your movie with 60″ screen on the ceiling 🙂

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January 4, 2014

2014 – A new beginning

Yes I know I know, this site was missing for several months. Losing visitors/readers, site pagerank dropped to zero, pages totally been removed from Google index, this is definitely not what I wanted to see.

Blog comments flooded with spam, web hosting plan (with 1TB monthly bandwidth limit) been suspended due to “overuse”, I’ve been tied up with work, couldn’t squeeze in some time for fixing this issue, until I was required to use my year end leave.

Not mentioning what the reason, I’ve decided to migrate the blog from b2evolution (b2evo) to WordPress (self hosted), I’ll share the migration script later, migrate from shared hosting service to Google App Engine (GAE). I’ve deployed WordPress multisite up there. Look! on the cloud ^^

This is just a beginning, a new beginning. There are still enhancements required, many things to be learned, and hopefully more to be shared too.

Over Quota

Last but not least, a belated new year greeting, Happy 2014… Happy 2013A for those who avoiding inauspicious number “4”, Happy 2013S for those who believe suffix S means something better although it is the same, happy new year for all 🙂

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December 1, 2012

Disassembling HTC Touch 3G

Unlike those wealthy geeks (hint hint), I don’t always have some latest coolest high tech gadgets to unbox.

All I’ve are those broken or antique devices like alarm clocks, electronic toys, radio, laptops, to be assembled.

It all began with ruining my dad’s antique calculator when I was a kid. It wasn’t my fault, he did not keep his screwdrivers away from me, who to blame?

It’s been a long time I didn’t do such thing. My natural instinct is unstoppable again, when my 4 y.o. HTC Touch 3G become untouchable

HTC Touch 3G

* Problem rectified after replaced the broken digitizer with new one.

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