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August 16, 2007

3rd-party Flash Projector Creation Tools

Screenweaver Open Source – Enabling Cross-Platform Rich Interfaces Desktop Applications

Zinc – Rapid Application Development for the Flash Platform

SWiSH studio – Convert your Flash movies to EXEs, screensavers or burn directly to CD-ROM and DVD.

Jugglor – Flash Projector Customisation. Support Joystick, Gamepad, SWF to EXE. Flash Transparency, Windowless Flash,change icon projector, Flash Skin, Flash CD-ROM

SWF studio – Strong. Stable. Serious software for all your Flash application development needs.

SWF Kit – convert swf to exe, make flash application, flash to exe, make flash screensaver, swf to exe, swf to mp3.

FMProjector – Video Flash integration. Flash Video converter. Windowless flash enabler.

ICE Projector – creates a new class of desktop applications to delivers rich and interactive experiences with Flash

mProjector – Flash Application, Widget, Screen Saver, Wallpaper Creation Tools

Please suggest if there is any Flash Projector Creation Tools not listed above.

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April 29, 2007

Flash related file formats, extensions, and icons.

Flash Application Icons

Macromedia Flash 5 & below Macromedia Flash 5 & below
Macromedia Flash MX/MX2004 Macromedia Flash MX/MX2004
Macromedia Flash 8 Macromedia Flash 8
Adobe Flash CS3 Adobe Flash CS3

Related file formats, extensions, and icons

.as – ActionScript File
ActionScript source files, contain ActionScript source code, can be edited with any text editor such as Notepad or SimpleText.>
.asc – ActionScript Communication File
Server-Side ActionScript (SSAS) source files used to develop flexible client-server Flash Communication Server MX applications.
.aso – ActionScript Object
Cache files created during compilation, contain compiled ActionScript byte code. To delete ASO cache files, in Flash authoring environment, select Control – Delete ASO files.
.clr – Flash Color Table File
Color set for Macromedia Flash Color Swatches.
.exe – Flash Player / Window Projector File
Executable application, can not be edited with Flash authoring software.
.fla – Flash Document
Contain source material for the Flash application, include all the information required to develop, design and test content. Can be edited with Flash authoring software and compiled into .swf files.
.flp – Flash Project
XML files used to reference all the document files contained in a Flash Project, allow the user to group multiple, related files together to assist in Flash project organization, compilation and build.
.flv – Flash Video
A proprietary file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player or be embedded within SWF files.
.jsfl – Flash Javascript File
Add functionality in the Flash Authoring environment, contain Javascript code and access the Flash Javascript API.
.mxi – Macromedia Extension Information
XML file provides information for the Extension Manager to use. In particular.
.mxp – Macromedia Extension Package
Extension Package, to be opened with Extension Manager for extensions installation.
.spl – FutureSplash Document
Contain source material for the FutureSplash application.
.swc – Shockwave Flash Component File
Contain a compiled clip, ActionScript class file, and other files for distributing components.
.swd – Shockwave Flash Debugging File
Temporary debugging files used during Flash authoring software. Once finished developing a Flash project these files are not needed and can be removed.
.swf – Shockwave Flash
Completed, compiled and published files that cannot be edited with Flash authoring software.
.swt – Shockwave Flash Template File
Templatized forms of .swf files, used by Macromedia Generator.
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