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September 22, 2009

It took long path to be approved

Due to an unknown reason, the latest version of GG Commands MXP file takes 4 months to online.
I’ve got some negative comments regarding this problem.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused. It was unintended.

Below is the submission log:

Submitted the MXP file to Adobe Exchange. Status: Pending Admin Review.

More than 6 weeks MXP submitted, still pending admin review, contacted Adobe.

Adobe Exchange feedback that previous submitted MXP file was unsuccessfully uploaded.
Uploaded the MXP again. Status: In QA Process.

It has been almost 2 months the new MXP file in QA Process, but it is still not approved. Contacted Adobe again.

The GG Commands v2 MXP file has finally been approved by Adobe Exchange, and released.

The newest MXP file is now can be downloaded from Adobe Exchange.
For those who has downloaded it previously, please download it again. GG Command v2

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