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May 7, 2007

ActiveX Controls


  • Security warning “Click to activate and use this control.”
  • Flash button need double click in MSIE
  • How to remove border/frame/rectangle around swf in MSIE?
  • How to automatic activate active control?
  • Rollover on swf in MSIE
  • ac_runactivecontent.js

An update to Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) 6 changes its way in handles some webpages that use ActiveX controls and Java applets like Adobe Reader, Apple QuickTime Player, Macromedia Flash Player, Microsoft Windows Media Player, Real Networks RealPlayer, Sun Java Virtual Machine, and more. After you install this update, you cannot interact with ActiveX controls loaded by the APPLET, EMBED, or OBJECT elements, until these controls are enabled. To enable an ActiveX control, manually click the control.


  1. By using JavaScript:
  2. By installing extension/updater

Additional Information:

Developer Center:
Active Content Developer Center
Active content FAQ

Installing the Flash Active Content Update extension

Microsoft Support:
Internet Explorer ActiveX update

Activating ActiveX Controls

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